Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

We ask that all potential homes and others interested in purchasing an English Cocker Spaniel from us complete the following questionnaire as the first step to being considered for one of our puppies (or adult dogs).

Please take a few minutes to complete the following form to help us be assured that our dogs are going to the best possible homes. These questions are not intended to be judgemental, rather to help us get a picture of how an English Cocker will fit into your family, so please be candid in your responses.

Name *
Have you had a dog before?
Do you currently have any other pets?
Male/Female preference
If the preferred sex is not available, would you consider the other?
Are you looking for a puppy or an adult dog?
What are your primary reasons for wanting to purchase an English Cocker? (please check all that apply)
Are you aware of the significant grooming requirements of English Cockers (frequent brushing, monthly full grooming)?
Are you willing to follow the care guidelines supplied by After Hours English Cockers regarding vaccinations, exercise, feeding, etc.?
Are all members of your family in agreement about getting a dog or puppy?
Do you own or rent your home?
Is your yard securely fenced?
How long will the dog typically be left alone during the day?
Do you have a veterinarian?
Have you ever been to a puppy socialization or obedience class?